Vilanova i la Geltrú, Espanya
Finished 31 / 01 / 2019
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Godfather or godmother of the project
If you think that through your role in the UPC community you can help to boost the project, open doors and position it, then this is your role. You will have the opportunity to sponsor the project if the team chooses you. It's a few hours, but keys to advance the project.
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If you are free from 11am to 12.30pm on October 23rd and you decide to attend the activity, apart from being able to extend your knowledge, we will give you a breakfast.
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PhD Speaker
If you sign up for this option you can give a lecture about your research. As a reward you can "reserve" a thematic librarian that helps you in managing the documental production of your research (tips on how to publish results so that they have more visibility, management of the research data ... .). Your intervention will be recorded in video and you will have the opportunity to make it public through the UPCommons Video Library. Likewise, we will disseminate the event at the Campus level through EPSEVG e-Comunicats.
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Chronicle of the Research Café

On Tuesday October 23rd, we held the first meeting of PhD students at the UPC Vilanova campus, the Research Café. It was very interesting to see how PhD students from [CRAAX]( and [SARTI]( [Read more]

We are ready, and you?

Research Café day has arrived! We have everything ready, we only miss you. We wait for you at 11am. See you! [Read more]

We have achieved necessary supports!

We are very happy to announce that we have achieved the necessary supports to carry out Research Cafe activity, so it will be a reality next October 23rd! ### THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all involved participants! [Read more]